Watermelon Nutrition

Watermelons have high nutrient requirements and, similar to other crops, they achieve optimal production when provided with the necessary nutrients in the right quantities throughout the growing season. This can be accomplished effectively by using both basal and foliar fertilizers.

The fertilization process depends on the soil condition and the specific growth stage of the watermelon plant. Whether it is in the early seedling stage or the blooming stage, each stage has its unique nutritional needs.

Additionally, the watermelon crop demands sufficient water supply, especially in the absence of reliable rainfall. Proper irrigation is necessary to ensure its growth and development.

Fertilizer Application Schedule

Early growth stage

This refers to the period between sowing, germination, and approximately three weeks after the emergence of seedlings.

To promote uniform germination and overcome seed dormancy, it is recommended to soak the seeds in a solution of OPTIMZER at a ratio of 20ml per 1 liter of water overnight before sowing.

For newly germinated seedlings, it is beneficial to spray them with either GOLDCHANCE SUPER START at a ratio of 50g per 20 liters, LAVENDER at a ratio of 20ml per 20 liters, PLANT SOUL at a ratio of 20ml per 20 liters, or LEGENDARY at a ratio of 40ml per 20 liters. These foliar feeds provide essential nutrients required by the plants during their delicate stage.

During planting, it is recommended to apply DAP fertilizer, which is particularly beneficial as a source of phosphorus. The addition of manure may also be considered, depending on the organic matter levels in the soil.

Vegetative stage

This is the phase when the plant enters an active growth stage, initiating photosynthesis to generate food reserves necessary for flowering and fruit development.

To support vegetative growth, it is recommended to spray the crop with either GOLDCHANCE SUPER GROWTH at a ratio of 50g per 20 liters or LAVENDER at a ratio of 20ml per 20 liters. These foliar sprays are rich in nitrogen, as well as other essential elements like magnesium and iron.

During this stage, it is crucial to apply top dressing with CAN fertilizer. Additionally, other basal fertilizers such as N.P.K 23.23.0 can be used to ensure the crop receives adequate amounts of nitrogen and other essential elements.

Flowering & fruiting stage

During this stage, the crop enters the flowering and fruiting phase, and it has a higher demand for potassium compared to other essential elements.

To meet these potassium requirements, it is recommended to spray the crop with either GOLDCHANCE SUPER FLOWERS & FRUITS at a ratio of 50g per 20 liters, DIMIPHITE at a ratio of 20ml per 20 liters, GREENPHITE at a ratio of 40ml per 20 liters, or LEGENDARY at a ratio of 40ml per 20 liters.

To prevent Blossom End Rot, it is advisable to spray the crop with FERRARI GOLD at a ratio of 60ml per 20 liters. This spray provides an adequate supply of calcium to the crop before the fruits begin to form.

For overall fruit quality improvement, such as size, taste, and color, VITABOR GOLD at a ratio of 30ml per 20 liters and BIODISTINCTION XTRA at a ratio of 50ml per 20 liters are beneficial.

Additionally, it is important to apply basal fertilizers like N.P.K 17.17.17 to provide a balanced nutrient supply for the crop.

Please take note of the following:

  • OPTIMIZER, at a ratio of 10ml per 20 liters, can be sprayed at any stage of the crop’s growth and development. It helps enhance the crop’s immunity, manage stress, improve overall performance, and provides a balance of macro and micronutrients.
  • Excessive nitrogen during the flowering stage leads to excessive foliage growth and vine development, rather than nourishing the fruit.
  • Potassium is a vital nutrient needed throughout the growth season as it aids in maintaining the plant’s ionic balance and water status. However, excessive potassium can hinder the uptake of other essential elements.
  • When applying basal fertilizers or manure, it is recommended to mix them with HUMIPOWER. The ratio is 1kg of Humipower per 50kg of fertilizer or 1 ton of manure. Humipower improves nutrient uptake, stimulates growth, enhances soil structure, and adds organic matter to the soil, among other benefits.
  • When conducting foliar sprays of fertilizers, always mix the foliar feed with INTEGRA at a ratio of 3ml per 20 liters. INTEGRA acts as a sticker, spreader, and penetrant, enhancing the absorption of the fertilizer by the crop’s foliage.
  • It is advisable to repeat foliar sprays on a weekly basis while continuously monitoring the overall performance of the crop.
  • Fertilizer application should be timed correctly and applied at the appropriate rate to ensure optimal results.

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