Tomato key diseases

Tomatoes are widely cultivated and consumed in Kenya, making them an important vegetable for households. However, tomato production can be challenging and costly without the necessary knowledge and expertise. In this journal, we will explore common tomato diseases and the remedies needed to ensure abundant yields and happy farmers, brought to you by Greenlife Crop Protection Africa – Your growth, our growth.

We begin with Tomato Yellow Leaf Spot disease. This disease initially affects older leaves, causing greenish-yellow spots that start at the top of the leaf. Over time, these spots darken, and affected blossoms turn black and fall off. The disease can also impact the fruits.

Another common disease is Tomato Early Blight, characterized by brown spots with dark concentric rings surrounded by a chlorotic halo. It spreads quickly, affecting leaves, stems, and eventually the fruits. Prompt action is crucial, especially during hot and humid conditions that facilitate rapid spread across the fields.

Tomato Grey Molds manifest as dense, grey, velvet-like spores that turn black as they mature on the crop. This disease proliferates rapidly in hot and humid weather. The affected plants experience foliage loss at a fast rate, negatively impacting photosynthesis. Additionally, immature fruits fail to develop properly due to inadequate nutrition.

Greenlife Crop Protection Africa Ltd provides comprehensive protection against these key diseases by offering innovative and affordable products available at agro dealers’ shops throughout the region. Trinity Gold® 452 WP is one such product that ensures triple action against the aforementioned diseases, effectively preventing, curing, and eradicating fungal spores. Trinity Gold® 452 WP consists of three active ingredients: Mancozeb (prevents disease onset), Cymoxanil (cures and eliminates the disease), and copper (blocks sporulation on the crop). Trinity Gold is available in various sizes – 100g, 500g, and 1kg – for achieving a disease-free crop.

TRINITY GOLD® 452WP is a highly effective protectant and systemic fungicide/bactericide that prevents fungal and bacterial infections on a wide range of crops, including roses, carnations, French beans, tomatoes, coffee, and onions.



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