Sorghum Season: Maximizing Yields for Farmers

Welcome, farmers! The upcoming month marks the beginning of the sorghum season, along with other crucial crops like maize and key pulses. As a farmer, your primary goal is to achieve a profitable return on your investment by ensuring good yields and income.

Tackling Weed Challenges

One of the major obstacles in sorghum farming is the presence of grass and broadleaf weed species. These pesky intruders can significantly hamper land preparation and crop growth. At Greenlife, we understand these challenges and aim to provide effective solutions.

Preventing Weed Infestation

To combat the weed problem, it is vital to start your crop in clean fields. This can be achieved by applying a non-selective herbicide like Clampdown® 480 SL. By mixing 20 liters of Clampdown® 480 SL with 20 liters of water, you can eradicate the weeds either before or immediately after planting. Another herbicide option is Hurricane, which effectively eliminates all weeds through contact action within just two days.

  • Introducing Clampdown® 480 SL

Clampdown® 480 SL is a powerful herbicide that is absorbed by the foliage, providing systemic control of broadleaf weeds and grasses in non-cropped areas.

Addressing Nutritional Challenges

Poor soil quality often leads to stunted crop growth and low yields. Even when using planting fertilizers like D.A.P, a significant portion of the nutrients becomes fixed in the soil and remains unavailable to the crops. As a farmer, you can overcome nutrient unavailability by incorporating soil conditioners like Humipower® into your planting fertilizer mixture.

  • Introducing Humipower®

Humipower® is a water-soluble soil amendment and blend that contains essential elements such as potassium, iron EDDHA, humates, and fulvic acid in granular form. It serves as both an amendment and a fertilizer blend, providing plants with readily available organic matter. By mixing 1 kg of Humipower® with 50 kg of fertilizer, you can unlock vital nutrients, especially phosphorus, which is crucial for root development, improved water absorption, and optimal growth.

Managing Sorghum Crop

Sorghum, a cereal crop mainly cultivated in hot regions with sufficient rainfall, such as Tharaka Nithi, requires timely planting before or just after rains. Selective herbicides like Agromine® 860 SL are used to manage weed challenges post-germination. Agromine® effectively eliminates broadleaf weeds, while grasses remain unharmed.

  • Introducing Agromine® 860 SL

Agromine® 860 SL is a broad-spectrum selective systemic herbicide designed to control post-emergence broadleaf weeds in maize, rice, wheat fields, lawns, and non-cropped areas.

Overcoming Crop Stresses

Crop failures often occur due to inadequate rainfall or drought during critical stages of growth. At Greenlife, we offer an affordable solution called Optimizer to manage plant stresses. Optimizer is a seed weed extract containing essential nutrients that can be applied as a foliar feed by mixing 20 ml in 20 liters of water. It promotes growth, enhances yields, and assists in managing stresses caused by poor rainfall. Additionally, it corrects chemical toxicities in plants and can be used to break seed dormancy by soaking seeds.


In the upcoming month, our article will focus on the growth and protection of sorghum crops. By implementing these strategies, you can maximize your yields and overcome common challenges in sorghum farming.

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