Boost Coffee Farming Productivity and Quality

The Importance of Timeliness in Coffee Farming

Coffee farming is a unique agricultural practice that demands timely actions to maximize productivity and ensure the production of high-quality coffee beans. Failure to adhere to proper timing can lead to reduced yields and increased production costs, especially in managing diseases and pests. In order to achieve optimal results this February, it is essential to follow a series of recommended activities.

1. Proper Pruning

Begin by conducting proper pruning to remove unnecessary branches and promote healthy growth. This practice aids in maintaining an appropriate plant structure and facilitates efficient nutrient distribution.

2. Zinc and Boron Sprays

To address potential deficiencies, apply zinc and boron sprays. Zinc deficiency can cause interveinal chlorosis, deformed leaves, abnormal growth patterns, and longer internodes. Use Zinc Gold, a product containing 100% EDTA chelated zinc, at a rate of 20mls/20ltrs of water. Additionally, spray Vitabor Gold, a foliar fertilizer containing boron and nitrogen, to prevent flower abortion and die back.

3. Pest Control

Combat pest infestations, such as Thrips and Green scales, which are more prevalent during dry spells in February. Utilize Presento, an effective insecticide, by mixing 10g with 20 liters of water for optimal control of these sucking pests.

4. Leaf Rust Control

Given the dry period in February, coffee leaf rust becomes a significant concern. To prevent the disease, apply Green cop at a rate of 70g/20l of water. In cases where the disease has already affected the crop, use Milestone at a rate of 20mls for effective cure. Incorporating Integra, at 3mls/20l of water, in all your insecticide and fungicide sprays will enhance their efficacy and prevent wash-off.

Conclusion: Seek the Best Products and Expert Advice

For the best results in coffee production, we encourage you to contact us. We provide proven products and expert advice tailored specifically for coffee farming. Invest in these recommended practices to boost your coffee farm’s productivity and the quality of your beans. Thank you.

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