Nursery Management (TLO)

Rephrased: Efficient management of nurseries is a crucial and fundamental aspect of any farming venture. Many farmers face devastation when their seeds fail to achieve 100% germination due to seed dormancy, and even the seeds that do germinate face a higher risk of being attacked by soil-borne pests like cutworms or diseases such as dumping off and Downy mildew.

Every farmer aspires to achieve full germination of their seeds and protect the seedlings from soil-borne fungal infections and pests. To make this possible, the Greenlife Crop Protection team has developed new technologies. One of these technologies involves the application of TLO, where T represents Trinity Gold® 452WP, L represents Loyalty® 700 WDG, and O represents Optimizer®.

Trinity Gold® 452WP is an exceptional fungicide that combines three molecules (Copper Oxychloride, Cymoxanil, and Mancozeb). It is the optimal choice for combating soil-borne diseases like dumping off and Downy mildew.

Loyalty® 700 WDG is a systemic insecticide with a long-lasting residual effect that protects seeds against soil-borne pests like cutworms.

Optimizer® is a completely natural fermented seaweed liquid bio-fertilizer enriched with NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) and containing natural plant hormones such as auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins. These hormones act as catalysts in breaking seed dormancy.

How to apply

To ensure proper nursery irrigation, thoroughly wet the ground. Next, combine 100 grams of Trinity Gold® 452WP, 5 grams of Loyalty® 700 WDG, and 20 milliliters of Optimizer® in 20 liters of water. Finally, apply this mixture by drenching the nursery area.

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