Greetings from Moiben Connections Limited! We want to express our gratitude to our valued customers for their partnership. We are committed to supporting and enhancing your farming endeavors by providing reliable inputs and knowledge. Your growth is our growth.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of farming smart and provide you with useful information to secure your investments. Let’s dive into the details.

Step 1: Identify Your Market

Before seeking capital for your agricultural venture, it is crucial to research your potential market. This involves understanding market dynamics, price fluctuations, operating mechanisms, and the costs associated with accessing and sustaining these markets. Your venture’s success depends on a solid understanding of your target market.

Step 2: Create a Budget

Creating a budget is essential to ensure smooth operations without financial strain. It is important to allocate funds specifically for your farming activities, without relying on other family finances.

However, remember that a budget alone is not sufficient. Seek the input of a knowledgeable agronomist to maximize your budget’s effectiveness. At Moiben, we take pride in having a dedicated technical support team in each farming neighborhood. You can easily reach us through our digital platform, Bonyeza.

Here are some cost-saving tips related to land preparation, nutrition, and crop protection:

Land Preparation

Use herbicides at different levels to clear your field of weeds. Hand weeding is six times more expensive per acre compared to herbicide use. We recommend products like Catapult® 480 SL, Governor® 580 SE, Commander® 240 EC, Hotline® 450 SC, Forester® 150 EC, and Bentagran Top® 240 EC, among others.


Utilize high-quality basal and foliar fertilizers to promote healthy crop growth. A healthy crop is more resistant to diseases and pests. Our recommended products include Goldchance® Multi Super K, Goldchance® range, Lavender® range, Optimizer®, Vitabor Gold®, and Ferrari Gold®.

Crop Protection

Opt for broad-spectrum fungicides and insecticides with multi-site and high-performance capabilities. These products reduce the number of sprays needed while providing maximum protection against diseases and pests. Examples of such products are Trinity Gold® 452 WP, Absolute® 375 SC, Gearlock Turbo® 250 WP (fungicides), Lexus® 247 SC, Occasion Star® 200 SC (insecticides), and more.

Step 3: Insure Your Crop

Every capital venture carries risks, and farming is no exception. Crop insurance not only helps mitigate losses from crop failure but also provides an opportunity to reinvest. Raising capital can be challenging, so securing it is vital for the continuity of your farming business.


By following these steps and utilizing our recommended inputs, you can farm smart and enhance your chances of success. At Green Life Crop Protection Africa, we are dedicated to supporting you throughout your farming journey. Feel free to reach out to us for any assistance.

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