Zucchinis are plants that need a good amount of nutrients to grow well. To ensure they have enough nutrients for optimal growth, it’s important to provide them with both macro and micronutrients. Basal and foliar fertilizers are recommended for this purpose.

Macro nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and Calcium are required in large quantities. On the other hand, micronutrients like Zinc, Iron, and Boron are needed in smaller amounts but play a vital role in the plant’s functions.

Basal fertilizers are absorbed by the zucchini plants through their roots. Examples of basal fertilizers are DAP and CAN. Foliar fertilizers, such as OPTIMIZER and GOLDCHANCE, are absorbed through the leaves.

If the soil lacks organic matter, applying manure is important. It provides a slow release of nutrients throughout the growing period and improves the soil’s organic content.


When it comes to fertilizing, the timing is crucial. The zucchini crop requires different nutrients in different quantities at various stages of its growth. Therefore, the fertilizer application schedule should be adjusted accordingly.

For example, fertilizers with higher nitrogen content can be used early in the season to encourage vine and leaf formation. However, once the plants are well-established, it’s best to stop using nitrogen-rich fertilizers.

Early Growth Stage

This stage occurs right after planting and germination, lasting around 2-3 weeks after the seedlings emerge.

To promote even and speedy germination, it is beneficial to soak the seeds in a solution of OPTIMIZER, using 20ml per liter of water, overnight before sowing.

During this stage, it is important to provide an ample amount of phosphatic fertilizers. These fertilizers play a crucial role in encouraging root development, ensuring robust growth, and maintaining a balanced crop growth.

For the seedlings, it is recommended to spray them with either GOLDCHANCE SUPER START (50g per 20 liters), LAVENDER (20ml per 20 liters), PLANT SOUL (20ml per 20 liters), or LEGENDARY (40ml per 20 liters). These sprays help in enhancing root development and stimulating growth.

Furthermore, applying DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate) while planting is highly encouraged.

Vegetative Growth Stage

During this stage, the crop is actively growing and begins to produce food resources to be used during the reproductive stage.

At this point in the crop’s growth and development, a relatively higher quantity of nitrogenous fertilizers is required.

To promote faster vegetative growth, improve the crop’s resistance to diseases and weather stress, and ensure balanced growth, it is recommended to spray GOLDCHANCE SUPER GROWTH (50g per 20 liters) or LAVENDER (20ml per 20 liters). Additionally, top dressing using CAN (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate) is also important.

Other nitrogenous basal fertilizers such as N.P.K 23.23.0 can also be applied during this stage.

Reproduction Stage

During this stage, the crop enters a phase where it starts developing flower buds, blooms, and eventually produces fruits.

To support the crop’s growth during this stage, it is highly recommended to use fertilizers rich in potassium.

You can spray the crop with GOLDCHANCE SUPER FLOWERS & FRUITS (50g per 20 liters), DIMIPHITE (20ml per 20 liters), LEGENDARY (40ml per 20 liters), or BIODISTINCTION XTRA (20ml per 20 liters).

Additionally, it is beneficial to apply basal fertilizers that are high in potassium content, such as N.P.K 17.17.17.

These fertilizers serve several purposes, including encouraging flowering, promoting healthy fruit development, improving the crop’s resistance to diseases and adverse weather conditions, ensuring balanced growth, and enhancing overall crop productivity.

Please note:

For all stages of growth, it is recommended to spray the crop with OPTIMIZER (10ml per 20 liters). This biostimulant helps the crop grow faster, withstand stressful conditions, and provides additional nutrients to support plant growth, among other functions.

When applying foliar sprays, it’s important to incorporate INTEGRA (3ml per 20 liters). This substance acts as a sticker, spreader, and penetrant, improving the absorption of fertilizers by the crop’s foliage.

For basal fertilizers and manures, it is advisable to mix them with HUMIPOWER. This product enriches the soil with organic matter, stabilizes soil pH to enhance nutrient availability, reduces nutrient leaching, and minimizes runoff, among other benefits.

To maintain the crop’s nutritional needs, it is recommended to repeat the foliar feed spray on a weekly basis.

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