Climate change

Climate change is a major problem for our planet. It poses a big challenge to our progress in taking care of the environment. It has negative effects on ecosystems, water resources, food production, health, coastal areas, industries, and human development.

In Kenya, climate change is a serious threat to our economic growth and our goal of becoming a prosperous nation with a good quality of life for everyone. If we don’t take action, climate change could undo a lot of the progress we have made in achieving our development goals by 2030.

Climate change is a big problem for Kenya’s social and economic development. It will create many challenges for our economy, people’s lives, and the environment. Kenya is particularly vulnerable to climate change because our main economic activities, such as agriculture, livestock, tourism, forestry, and fisheries, are sensitive to climate conditions. Additionally, our ability to adapt to climate change is limited, making us even more vulnerable.

Climate Change Threat in Kenya

Kenya is already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Widespread poverty, recurring droughts, floods, unequal land distribution, reliance on rain-fed agriculture, and lack of coping mechanisms all contribute to increased vulnerability. For example, disadvantaged communities have little protection against extreme weather events. They lack resources, live in poor housing, and rely on natural resources for their livelihoods.

The agricultural sector, especially those relying on rain-fed irrigation, is among the most affected. Farmers need to adopt water harvesting practices and irrigation methods to ensure they can grow crops during the hot summer season when water levels are low or depleted. It is crucial for them to take action now.

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