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Brief History of Moiben Connections

Moiben Connections Limited was founded in 2008 and incorporated on 29th September 2010. Our core business is in supply of Agro Inputs, Agricultural Consultancy, Extension services, Facilitating and Linking farmers to markets for their produce.

We are strategically located at Corner House, Nandi Street, Opposite Nandi Park, Eldoret town.

We boast of a wide network of distribution within North-Rift, Kenya and East Africa in general, with several vans, motorbikes and trucks crisscrossing the region on a daily basis.

We serve an estimated 500 farmers on daily basis, with the numbers shooting above 2000 during the peak season. Thus we believe we are force to reckon with in North-Rift.

Our authority in the agro sector within North-Rift is unrivalled, and our expertise is admirable. We always ensure we have a team of professionals ready at all times to assist the farmers: crop protectionists, and animal health specialists and a general agriculture team.

We remain committed to delivering the best to our farmers and partners: Quality products, valuable information coupled with excellent expertise.

Company Overview

We exist to make farming great by transforming livelihoods socially, economically & environmentally by offering modern, climate smart solutions to farmers that maximize their potential.

The Farmer is the Greatest!

A Home of value for Agro Solutions.

To be the Preferred Agro Partner in the region and beyond in terms of providing quality affordable agro inputs coupled with professional services so as to improve farmers livelihoods, in a clean environment.

To provide wholesome solutions to farmers within the region through inclusion and market access.

Professionalism, Teamwork, Integrity, Quality and Affordability.

Our Motto: “Connect here – Succeed anywhere”

Testimonials from Customers

Moiben Connections products are available throughout the country, are of the highest quality and come at a very affordable price.

Samson Kibet

Samson Kibet

My company and I have always used Mendeclean! The product is is very effective for cockroach control. I also use Icon to eliminate mosquitoes.

Maryanne Gitumo

Maryanne Gitumo

MOIBEN CONNECTIONS’ products are of high quality and very well priced, I use them on all my animals and I am very happy with their field support!

Jackson Mabele

Jackson Mabele